Monthly Both Sides Articles

Left Lean

Building the Case: In Support of Felon Voting Rights by Garland Hunt

Before assessing whether or not voting rights should be restored to felons, it would be best to review the prison system in the United States. For the last 15 years of my career, I have had the opportunity to study the failures and successes of the American prison system. As an attorney, member of the Prison Board of Georgia and President of Prison Fellowship, I have measured the troublesome effects of a confusing criminal code. In spite of attempts by conservative and liberal lawmakers to reform the code, it remains unnecessarily bloated. Regular citizens with no criminal or malicious intent…

Right Lean

Building the Case: In Opposition to Felon Voting Rights by Roger Clegg

It makes sense that felons should lose their right to vote. You don’t have a right to make the laws if you aren’t willing to follow them yourself. To participate in self-government, you must be willing to accept the rule of law. We don’t let everyone vote–not children, not noncitizens, not the mentally incompetent. There are certain minimum and objective standards of trustworthiness, responsibility, and commitment to our laws that we require before people are entrusted with a role in the solemn enterprise of self-government. Those who have committed serious crimes against their fellow citizens don’t meet those standards. This…