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Left Lean

Support – Adding a Voting Rights Amendment to Constitution (Left-Pro-Holder) – Eric Seabrook

Since 1965, hearings held by the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, votes of the full Congress and five Presidents have all confirmed that preclearance remains necessary.  If justice is blind, then perhaps the Supreme Court of the United States is blind as well.  The highest court in the land rendered a decision in Shelby vs. Holder gutting the Voting Right Amendment of 1965 (VRA) by declaring preclearance unnecessary. In 1965, when the black and white images from Selma, Alabama were shared across the globe, American leaders were forced to make real the promises of our Constitution.  Because…

Right Lean

Against – Adding a Voting Rights Amendment to Constitution (Right-Pro-Shelby) – Paris Dennard

The right to vote is a precious foundation of our democracy. From the very beginning, our national heritage has understood the power and importance of voting. However, America did not begin perfectly executing this belief. The relatively short existence of women’s suffrage in America is shocking.  Even more shocking still is the fact that blacks, while technically afforded the right to vote, were ultimately denied the right in many states until the much needed Voting Right Amendment of 1965. Fortunately, America has moved beyond those dark days when it was necessary to monitor the actions of many southern states and…

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