Should the Church Get Out of Politics?


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On April 16, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began writing a letter that would become a clarion call for people of faith to make bold political moves. Dr. King’s now famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail" was actually written to eight members of the clergy. He wrote the letter to urge clergy, who he assumed would be natural allies in this mounting fight against injustice, to take action and get involved. The letter resounds with Dr. King's frustration that clergy would be intimidated or even repulsed by the issue of using non-violent methods to achieve social justice. However as he sat in a Birmingham jail, many clergy were satisfied simply standing on the sidelines. Some of these leaders would later recognize that by doing nothing, they were actually active participants in advancing... (continued)

Pastor Derek McCoy
Maryland Family Alliance | Chairman



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In the interest of full disclosure, it is important to know upfront that I am a political Independent and an unabashed follower of Jesus Christ.  It is not my goal to be neutral, but it will always be my goal to be fair.






The role of the church in politics is one as old as the church itself.  Whether we define the church in its most basic tenet as “two or three or more gathering together in God’s name,” or the more formal houses of worship, from the Catholic Church to an Islamic temple, the church has played a formative role in politics.

I know some become concerned when issues of the church being involved in politics are raised.  Most people believe that it is impolite to discuss religion and politics in polite society. So, it is not surprising that the idea of all three being discussed at the same time might drop more than a few jaws.

My views on this issue were formed long before I became the... (continued)

Hilary Shelton
NAACP | Senior Vice President For Advocacy